Friday, April 22, 2011

Rampin up 'Stachies for Nashies'

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Dear Ping,

Since we are on the home stretch of one of the best Supercross Series in history, Outdoor Nationals are just around the corner, which will be just as exciting. In light of being outside and letting it all hang out on the track, I was thinking, we should let it fly when it comes to our ‘staches. Just wide open, bar bangin grizzly growth on the upper. For 2011 Nationals, I declare "Stachies for Nashies" where we all rock our best tom selleck, french tickler, nose mullet, flavor saver (and whatever else you wanna call it) at the races.

K-Dub rocks one hell of a handlebar; you know he'd be up for it. Barcia and Wharton haven't even got out of 1st gear yet with their scraggly peach fuzz...but I'm sure they'd still try.

Wes - #831

What do you think Ping? And can you even grow facial hair yet?

Hey, look.. Bill Clinton is ramping up with Stachies for Nashies!
Dear Wes,
I think that’s a great idea and I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and join the “Stachies for Nashies” campaign in your area. Get creative and really “Explore the Space,” to borrow a phrase from famed produced, Bruce Dickinson. He was a fan of the cowbell, but I’m sure he would love to see some tributes to Sam Elliott out there as well. We already know Barcia can grow a split chin beard, an obvious tip of the cap to Jacobim Mugatu, but I haven’t seen his stache yet. And something tells me Dean Wilson isn’t going to sport a full push broom between now and the end of May… 2014. But they’ll get points for trying.

Personally, I can’t grow a respectable mustache. I know that seems sacrilegious for a guy going into the fire service, but it’s out of my control. I let all my facial hair grow recently during a trip to the mountains. It actually didn’t look too bad as a full goatee, but when I got home and shaved it into a mustache in my shower I looked like Adolf Hitler. It was frightening. I called my wife over to have a look at it and she started laughing hysterically. Usually when you are standing naked in the shower you don’t want your wife laughing, but this was pretty funny. So, if it’s all the same, I’ll sit this competition out.